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    Product-Combustion Control System-Computer networking DCS control technology
 Computer networking DCS control technology
       Distributed Control Systems (DCS) is also called the distributed control system, the new control system which is based on the microprocessor, characterized in microcomputer decentralized control, centralized operation and management, integrated with the advanced computer technology, communication technology, CRT technology and control technology, (4C technologies in one machine). With the rapid development of the modern computer and communication network technology, DCS is developed towards the diversified, network, open and integrated management, so that different models of DCS can be interconnected for data exchange. DCS system and the factory management network can be interconnected through Ethernet to realize real-time data networking and it has been the main stream of automatic control in the process industry.
      With the development of the network, computer networking DCS control is also the leading edge of combustion self-control technology. The control system and state parameters of the boiler are transferred to the microcomputer after processing. The centralized control and remote operation of multiple boilers can be realized. Meanwhile single boiler can also be realzied.

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