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 Boiler control
1 Boiler steam-dome water level three impulse adjustment
       The boiler steam-dome water level three-impulse adjustment system means that three signals of the water level of steam-dome, steam flow and feedind water flow are connected to the regulator,. It is that three controlled variables are corresponding to one regulator.
       Working principle: In the three-impulse feeding water control system, the water level signal of the steam dome is the main signal and the feedback signal. If the water level of steam dome is changed due to any disturbance, the regulator will change the opening of the feeding water valve to recover the water level in the allowable fluctuation range. The steam flow signal is the compensating signals for the main signals . Conduct feedforward compensation to overcome the malfunction of the regulator due to "false water level". The feeding water flow signal is the inner loop feedback signal, which the internal disturbance of the system can be rapidly eliminated and the feeding water flow can be stabilized . The three-impulse adjustment system can timely overcome the disturbance of load (steam flow) and feeding water flow. With high adjustment precision, it is applied in the occasion with volume of small steam dome, large disturbance of load and feeding water.

2 FSSS of the boiler furnace chamber

       The furnace safeguard supervisory system (FSSS) is the important system to guarantee the safe operation of the boiler. It continuously monitors the related operating parameters in the stage of start, operation and stop in the bolier. According to the safety conditions specified in the explosion-proof regulations, it continuously conducts logical judgment and calculation and the necessary operations of the combustion equipment are completed according to the established procedures through the corresponding interlock device. Avoid to accumulating the explosive air-fuel mixture in the furnace chamber. If there is any danger to threaten the boiler, rapidly cut off all feeding fuels in the furnace chamber. By adopting FSSS system, various operation and protection actions can be automatically completed, the malfunction from the operator can be avoided when the operator conduct manual operation. The rapid operation can be conducted through manual operation timely, such as emergency cut off, trip and so on. Avoid combustion explosion, explosion and other destructive accidents s to guarantee the safety of the furnace chamber.

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