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 Combustion control
       There are the following control modes of the burner: manual control, sectioned control, adjusting proportion control, touch screen digital frequency conversion proportion control and industrial personal computer digital frequency conversion proportion control. With strict design, the functions of automatic ignition, flameout protection and automatic fire adjustment can be realized in these several control modes. There are the characteristics of energy-saving, safety, stability and reliability.

1 Section fire control technology (as shown in curve 1 in Figure 2)
      The PLC control technology is applied in section fire control system, which automatically conduct ignition, temperature rising, adjustment, protection and other functions. There are two modes: the air door section fire control and frequency conversion section fire control. The conversion of big fire and small fire is realized by adjusting air door to change the air flow in air door section. The conversion of big fire and small fire is realized by adjusting the rotating speed of the motor to change the air flow in the variable frequency section. Compared with the air door section fire control technology, the frequency conversion section fire control technology is more accurate and reliable. Meanwhile, it is energy-saving consumption and little noise.
2 Proportion adjustment control technology (as shown in curve 2 in Figure 2)
       There are two modes in the adjusting proportion control technology: the air door adjusting proportion control and frequency conversion adjusting proportion control.
       The air door adjusting proportion control means continuous adjust the air door to c the air rate. The combustion adjusting system is composed of the air door and the gas regulating valve. Set the target value by adjusting the proportion of the air door and the regulating valve. Becase the air door opening and the airflow rate are the nonlinear relation, the proportion is a fuzzy number. We adopt the fuzzy number control method. If external condition is changed, we can always keep the target value to the setting value and conduct fuzzy proportion combustion by the corresponding reaction according to the fuzzy calculation in PID control loop from PLC. The woking pricipla of frequency conversion adjusting proportion control is that control the rotating speed of the motor to change the air rate. If the load reduced, the roating speed of the motor will be decreased correspondingly and the power consumption will be decreased too. It can be over 30% energy-saving. Meanwhile, the noise from air fan will be greatly decreased and the working environment will be effectively improved.
3 Digital control technology of the industrial personal computer
      Industrial Personal Computer (IPC) means the industrial control computer, which is the generic term of tools with bus structure for inspecting and controlling the production proces, the electromechanical equipment, technology equipment.
PLC is applied in the digital control technology of the industrial personal computer to collect and process conduct system data. As the human-machine operation interface, the industrial personal computer is to operate the system and show various monitoring pictures. The system can be placed in any operation room, which is good for centralized operation. Provided with all functions of the computer, it can be connectted with the printer, recording and printing the statement at any time.

4 Pulse combustion control of the heat treatment furnace

       Based on PLC + human-machine interface, pulse combustion control of heat treatment furnace collect and process the data through PLC. Monitor and operate the system by the human-machine interface operation. The automatic temperature rising, warm-keeping and temperature dropping control modes can be automatically switched according to the setting temperature curve. There are the manual / automatic control modes for temperature control and can be undisturbed switched. During operation, control the combustion and closing time of the burner nozzle according to the command( it is the signal with variable periodic pulse width) from PLC based on the temperatures in various areas of the furnace. When the burner nozzle controller receives the combustion command signal sent from PLC, automatic open the air valve and coal gas valve, conduct automatic ignition and monitor the combustion condition of the burner nozzle. When the close command signal is received, automatic close the combustion of the burner nozzle and keep the waiting state. Operate it for several times, the related data of the furnace will be stored in the human-machine interface system and displayed in the form of graph. The operator can select the related process to process the workpiece for the purpose of high-efficient management. The pulse combustion technology is applied in the heat treatment furnace, so that the more accurate temperature control and higher furnace temperature uniformity in the furnace can be realized.

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