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Steel Ladel Heating System
We manufacture two kinds of steel ladel heating system: vertical type heating system and horizontal type heating system, composing of the mechanical structure, the combustion system and control system. It is durable, stable with rational designand reliable performance. Raise the heating temperature quickly and operate easily. The heating curves is controlled available with widely adaptability to fuel, especially solving the stability of low calorific value of fuel, such as the blast furnace gas.
Sintering ignition furnace

Sintering ignition furnace is composed of the mechanical structure, the combustion system and control system. It is mainy applied in sintering ignition for iron and steel plant and widely applicable to a variety of different gas and liquid fuels, such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, producer gas, mixed gas, heavy oil and other fuels.

Preheating furnace

SRW(horizontal type), SPL(vertical type), 2SW/L(combined with vertical type and horizontal type) type air and coal gas dual-preheating furnace is composed of combustion room, air heating exchangers, coal gas heating exchanger and so on.

Heat pipe heating exchanger

As one kind of energy-saving device or heat conversion device, heat pipe heating exchanger can be widely applied in steel, metallurgy, food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries, matching with the appliction of various types of industrial boiler, heating conduction oil furnace and industrial furnaces.


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