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 Sintering ignition furnace
Application scopeSintering ignition furnace is composed of the mechanical structure, the combustion system and control system. It is mainy applied in sintering ignition for iron and steel plant and widely applicable to a variety of different gas and liquid fuels, such as blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, producer gas, mixed gas, heavy oil and other fuels. We can design a variety of different burner to ensure the roasting rerquirement according to the fuel provided from user.

CompostionCar type steel structure, Prefabricated type lining refractory and thermal insulation materials, the pipe outside the furnace and control valve, high hydrocyclone, strong mixed, small power ignition nozzle.
       1We adopt SJN type high hydrocyclone, strong mixed, small power ignition nozzle, the flame is short and good rigidity. Installed by two rows(large furance is three rows, one row is to preheating the surface of the heated material), closely-spaced arrangement, so that ribbon high temperature flame can be formed in igniting place. It can be ignited directly with evenly and impacted heat the surface of fuel, good for igniting the fuel quickly and sinstering the surface.
       2Stainless steelis applied in the heat-resistant parts of nozzle, the lifetime is more than 3 years, each nozzle is installed separately, easy maintenance and replacement.
       3Matching short flame nozzle with low furance body(400-500mm) and cover type furnace mouth, it can reduce flame spraying outside, reduce heat loss. It is good for improving the igniting intensity and reduce the weight of furnace body.
       4The adjusting of air and gas: main valve is installed in air and gas inlet, adjusting valve is installed in air and gas inlet of small nozzle. So that user can adjust the heating supply capacity and ignition evenness in the initial stage of production and abnomal condition.

Technical Paremeter

       1Blast furnace gas: calorific value 700Kcal/Nm3-850Kcal/Nm3, Rated pressure2KPa
       2Coke oven gas: calorific value 4000Kcal/Nm3, Rated pressure1KPa
       3Producer gas: calorific value 1100Kcal/Nm3, Rated pressure1KPa
       4Mixed gas: calorific value 2000Kcal/Nm3-3000Kcal/Nm3, Rated pressure1KPa
       5Heavy oil: calorific value 8000Kcal/Nm3-9000Kcal/Nm3, Rated pressure1.5-2.0KPa


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