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    Product-Torch and Flue Gas Incineration Equipment
 Industrial Waste Gas Solution
       The industrial waste gas means the general name of the air with pollutant discharged from the production process and fuel combustion in the factory. industrial waste gas is the inevitable outcome in industrial production and the by-product from the production process of steel, chemical enterprise. It is low calorific value, low pressure, the extremely toxic. There will be severe pollution to the atmosphere if it is natural emissions, damaging the human body, the growth of plants and biont. There is a certain calorific value in the industrial waste gas. It can be good energy if it can be used well. Different composition of the fluer gas, the calorific value, the application and using method are also different. Our company will design different using plan according to the characteristics of the different gas composition and calorific value, meeting the requirement of protecting the environment and saving a lot of fuel costs for the user.

Take example of Sichuang Hepu Chemical Plant

        1The Introduction

      The main bussiness of the chemical plant is producting and selling the Iminodiacetonitrile, which is the intermediate products of Glyphosate. There will be a lot of hydrocyanic acid HCN flue gas generated in the production process of the Iminodiacetonitrile. The calorific value 500Kcal/Nm3and the pressure of hydrocyanic acid HCN exhaust are very low. It is deadly poisonous so that it pollute the environment severely. According to the plant condition, we design the plan that combine the boiler combustion and torch combustion together to combuste the Iminodiacetonitrile and improve the efficiency of the fuel. Based on the amount of flue gas, we design two sets of 20 tons/hour steam boiler and the fuel is hydrocyanic acid tail gas and gas (gas for ignition and combustion-supporting), the steam generated for the factory production and life. When there is excess flue gas or the boiler failure, the flue gas will be sent into high-rack troch for combustion through the flue gas valve, so non-toxic harmless gas is discharged into the atmosphere.

2The Process Flow Diagram
3The photo of Application Show
4Flue Gas Combustion Application Show
                1Treat hydrocyanic acid flue gas in the steam boiler combustion application in Sichuan Guangan



                2Treat calcium carbide flue gas in the hot blast air furnace application in Qinghai Jihua


                3Treat the calcium carbide furnace flue gas in the fluidized-bed furnace in Neimenggu Wuhai


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