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    Product-Nonferrous Metals Smelting Equipment
Smelting Furnace
The nonferrous metals melting furance is mainly applied in melting gold, siliver, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, magnesium etc nonferrous metals and medium carbon steel and all kinds of rare metal.
Chute(Turnover ladel) Heating System

The purpose of Chute(Turnover ladel) Heating System is increasing the temperature of the chute lined quickly and evenly, reducing heat loss in the process of pouring and prolong the lifetime of chute lining. It is the need of smelting high quality of non-ferrous metal and steel and the needs of the higher temperature smelting technology. It is a necessary equipment for non-ferrous metal smelting and steel production.

Top-blowing Furnace
Top-blowing Furnace as high efficient smelting furnace, is commonly used in nonferrous smelting process. The fuel for the main combustion equipment is pulverized coal oxygen-enriched combustion in a large proportion, some is natural gas or fuel oil. The standby burner is working after the main butner stop working for keeping the temperature in the furnace, preventing the accident casued by the lower temperature in the furnace.
Anode furnace burner

The fuel of Anode Furnace Burner can be fuel oil, coal gas, natural gas. It can be nomoral or oxygen-enriched combustion(saving more than 30% than normal combustion).


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