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 Top-blowing Furnace
       Top-blowing Furnace (AUSMELT Furnace)as high efficient smelting furnace, is commonly used in nonferrous smelting process. The fuel for the main combustion equipment is pulverized coal oxygen-enriched combustion in a large proportion, some is natural gas or fuel oil. The standby burner is working after the main butner stop working for keeping the temperature in the furnace, preventing the accident casued by the lower temperature in the furnace.

Technical Feature
       1Fuel type: pulverized coal, diesel oil and natural gas.
       2Air distribution mode: oxygen-enriched combustion (the oxygen-enriched air with the oxygen content of 25%-35% is sprayed into the furnace with the coal air for combustion and pure oxygen combustion or normal air combustion is also OK). Compared with normal combustion, the energy can be saved by 30%-50%.
       3Control mode: set up the control system with DCS (or PLC) as the core, to complete purging, ignition, fuel supply, automatic adjusting combustion, automatic flameout protection and other functions.
       4Structural feature: it adopts the current advanced four-channel combustion structure to guarantee uniform injection of coal dust and accurate diffusion scope. The rotational flow and straight flow injection angle and area are changed through dual-way adjustment so as to reach the purpose of reasonable control of flame profile.
The specifications table for selecting the main burner for the top-blown furnace: (take the oxygen-enriched coal dust as an example)
Technical Feature
       1Fuel type: light diesel oil (LFO), natural gas and oil and gas multifuel combustion.
       2The calorific value of fuel: diesel oil QDW=42.1MJ/kg(10095Kcal/kg), natural gas 8500Kcal/Nm3.
       3Design pressure: light oil 0.4-0.5Mpa, natural gas 0.1-0.3Mpa.
       4Combustion mode: normal air combustion.
       5Control Method: The core of control system is DCS or PLC.?Complete automatically blowing, ignition, fuel supply, automatically adjust combustion, automatic operation if fire-off.
       6The mode of adjusting combustion: adjusted by the same burner nozzle continuously in proportion from 10% to 100%. Within the whole operation scope, the combustion air and the flow velocity of the fuel shall be controlled according to the actual situation. The mass flow difference of accumulated fuel in one minute shall be within 1% and the burner nozzle shall be designed to realize that the fuel can be full combustion under in all operating conditions.
       7The air bubble atomization mode is applied in burning the oil, meeting the technical requirements of the buyer after strict experiment.
       8The flame shape of the burner: The flame length and diameter are adjustable, avoiding the flame ablate the furnace wall. adaptable to the whole process of drying , consecutive temperature rising and holding the furnace body.
       9The furnace shall be at the standby state. During the replacement process of the main spray gun (about 30min), the burner nozzle shall be operated by high load in the furnace with the temperature about 1250.
       10Burner bracket hoister: the head of the burner can be imported to the burner nozzle of the furnace by the device.
The specifications table for selecting the standby burner for the top-blown furnace (take the natural gas / diesel oil as an example)

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