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    Product-Nonferrous Metals Smelting Equipment-Chute(Turnover ladel) Heating System
 Chute(Turnover ladel) Heating System
       The purpose of Chute(Turnover ladel) heating system is increasing the temperature of the chute lined quickly and evenly, reducing heat loss in the process of pouring and prolong the lifetime of chute lining. It is the need of smelting high quality of non-ferrous metal and steel and the needs of the higher temperature smelting technology. It is a necessary equipment for non-ferrous metal smelting and steel production. There is the roasting ladle cover in the chute roastor. During roasting, the sliding chute is covered by the ladle cover and the flame is in the closed space, so that a great deal of heating can be concentrated. The angle factor is 1 to strengthen the radiation heat exchange for improving the roasting efficiency. The thermal energy utilization ratio is up to 95%. The refractory brick wall is laid surrounding the equipment to reduce the heat losses. The air waste heat device is installed in the ladle cover, applied with double-layer structure. The outer chamber is laid with the high-aluminum zirconium refractory knot material. The inner chamber is the combustion-supporting air coiled pipe type waste heat cabin. The combustion-supporting air can be above 150 rapidly by utilizing the waste heat generated from roasting to improve the theoretical combustion temperature of the fuel. The temperature in the ladle will also be improved so as to greatly improve the manufacturing ability of the roaster.

Application field
       It is widely applied in non-ferrous metal smelting, iron and steel, metallurgy, machine manufacturing, urban construction, energy, military industry and other industries.
       1The selection scope of fuel for the burner nozzle is wide. Any fuel can be applied for combustion and multiple fuels can be simultaneous combustion.
       2The fuel can be selected for combustion without stopping the furnace.
       3With the target of the temperature in the ladel, automatically adjust fuel amount and air rate for combustion.
       4High degree automation. PLC control system is applied to condcut fully automatic interlock control, avoiding the unforeseen accident caused by the manual operation.
       5The air preheating device is applied in the ladle cover, which utilizes the waste heat to preheat the combustion-supporting air, saveing the energy and improving the heating temperature.
       6It can be customized to design different forms of roasting equipment according to user's fuel and actual situation of the site, guaranteeing the actual roastering function of the roaster.
Introduction of the model


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