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    Product-Burner and Industrial Burner Nozzle
Natural Gas Burner
There are two kinds of natural gas burner by combustion method: Blast air burner and non-blast air burner. The internal-mixed multiheads and external-mixed multiheads are applied in the burner with safe combustion, stabilization and efficiency. Wide range of power adjusting. The different type of automatic control system can be applied according to the flame size required from the customers.
Coke Oven Gas Burner
The coke oven gas is the by-product of the coking industryand is also called as the city gas.The hydrogen content of the coke oven gas is extremely high and the combustion speed is fast, which it is great explosion hazard and combustion instability compared with other fuels. For the coke oven gas burner developed by our company, the fuel performance is fully considered in the design. We make special treatment in ignition, air blasting, adjustment, prevent fire turn-back and other aspects. On the basis of high-efficient combustion, PLC, touch screen, industrial computer and other advanced control technologies areapplied to guarantee operation safety and reliability.?
Generator gas burner
Generator gas burner can guarantee complete mixture and combustion of the fuel and air. It has no requirements for the fuel gas pressure, which realizes high-efficient conversion of the fuel, meeting requirements for iron and steel, ceramics, glass, non-ferrous metal smelting and other industrial and enterprise.
Blast furnace gas burner
The blast furnace gas burner is mainly designed for burning the blast furnace gas generated from the iron and steel producion process. It is applicable for the blast furnace gas with any pressure and any calorific value. The burner adopts the multiple-head internal mixed technology, so the combustion is complete and stable and it can realize automatic ignition, fire-off protection, automatic fire adjustment and other functions.
Industrial Tai Gas

The industrial tail gas is the essential product in the industrial production and the by-product generated in the iron and steel, chemical industry and other enterprise production processes.According to the feature and calorific values of different tail gases, our company developed many type of the industrial tail gas burner, which is simple and reasonable structure, advanced and reliable technology. It can conduct stable combustion for the low calorific value fuel, which protects the environment and saves the too much fuel cost for the user.

Hydrogen burner
The hydrogen is a kind of combustible and explosive gas with the large scope of explosion concentration 4%- -75% . Even if the concentration is very low, the explosion will also be caused. Therefore, it is also a difficulty for hydrogen combustion. According to the research on burners and analysis of hydrogen for many years, our company has successfully developed the hydrogen burner and control system, which guarantees normal combustion of hydrogen. Utilize the waste gas, reduce the pollution and save the cost
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