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    Product-Hot-blast Air and Drying System-Drying Machine
 Drying Machine
       The drying machine is by heating the material to make the moisture (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid ingredients) evaporation and volatilization, to get the solid material with required moisture content.


       There are 4 types of the dryer according to their shapes and different application: The rotary type drying machine, the turnover type drying machine, the mesh belt type drying machine and the vertical type drying machine.

1The rotary type drying machine

       It is composed of rotary body, lifting plate, gear, support equipment and seals and other components.
Working Principle
       The rotary type drying machine is a clylinder that tilting al little from horizontal direction. The materials is sent from the high end, the high temperature flue gas with materials are sent into the cylinder together. The high temperature flue gas can also be sent into the cylinder by reflux mothod. Many lifting plate are on the cylinder wall. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material is continuously raised and scattered homogeneously, mixing the material with the high temperature flue gas. The moisture is changed into the steam by heat absorption and the steam is discharged with flue gas by dust removal system. The material is sent to the cylinder oulet and then discharged ouside by continuously scattered under the action of gravity.
       1Wide application: Widely applied in mining industry, puvlerized ore, tailings, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, food and other industries. Suitable for powder, particles and some material which big adhesion of high viscosity, high humidity. The company can design different drying plan according to different material.
       2High heat exchange efficiency: The heat preservation material is applied in the whole machine to improve the heat exchange efficiency and reduce energy consumption and heat loss. Design the suitable lifting method and area in the cylinder, delay the time of the material stay in the cylinder to improve heat exchange efficiency and reduce energy consumption and heat loss.
       3Large elasticity of operation: single machine adopts the automatic control system. According to the properties of materials, the speed of the inlet and discharge, the temperature, heat supply, the speed of host machine and wet air fan etc can be adjusted at any time, easy to achieve the best working condition.
Technical Parameter Chart
2The turnover type drying machine
Working Priciple
       The turnover type drying machine is a kind of drying machine, which based on the principle of bidirectional transmission. It is a widely applied and well-adapted continuous automatic dryer. The material is sent to the upper plate of the drying machine by the feeding pocket in the tail of the drying machine. The function of the feeding pocket: buffer and distribute the material. The material is sent to the head of the drying machine, then sent into the lower plate by the turnover mechanism, sent back to the tail of the drying machine. Repeat the process some times, the material is dryed step by step under by the hot air, discharged from the tail of the drying machine. The hot air can be configured according to user's conditions, such as independent hot blast furnace, hot flue gas etc.
       1The guide rail is light rail composite construction. We optimally design the guide rail based on the characteristics of material and the the material distribution, to ensure the straightness and intensity. The running resistance of the chain wheel is small. The plate can be reversed freely with the cooperation of guide rail.
       2Automatic tensioning device for the chain wheel. The chain plate is running smoothly. The phenomenon of chain off, chain blocked, off tracking can be effectively solved matching with good guide rail.
       3The turnover plate is made of heat resistant steel. Stamp the steel to mesh shape. It is high strength, not easy deformation, good permeability. The chain rollers are connected to both sides of the trunover plate, to ensure it is convenient disassembly and installation and the rollers on both sides are coaxial. Less space, high drying efficiency, etc.
       4The speed can be adjusted by the electromagnetic device or frequency conversion transmission. The drying time can be controlled by adjusting the running speed according to the requirement.
       5Fire protection device and temperature measuring device with digital display in the top, medium, end of the machine are applied, easily controlling the furnace temperature. There is smoke valve in the inlet of the flue. The heat supply can be cut off to prevent the fire once the mechanical failure.
       6According to the characteristics and moisture conten of the material, input the air from upper position or distbute the air between the layers. The hot air is distrbuted evenly to effectively prevent cracks and burst due to rapid heating, improving the quality of material and reduce the damage rate.
       7According to the moisture and hot air temperature condition, choose negative pressure attract air or positive pressure air blast.
       8Equip special cleaning device in the bottom of the equipment. The dust is outputed eventually, thus reducing the operating strength and equipment failure.

       1It is the non-standard equipment, its overall dimensions is related to the following factors:
       1Hot air temperature and humidity and air supply method
       2The terminals: one terminal is for feeding, discharging the material or one terminal for feeding, the other terminal for discharging
       3The pulverized material cleaning device or not
       4The length, height and width of the equipment can be adjusted according to the user's site condition
       5The structure of kiln body

       2The dynamic parameters of the equipment and material properties, working characteristics and lay out form are both related.
       3The paln can be confirmed after full technical communication.
3The mesh belt type drying machine
Working Priciple
       Mesh belt drying machine is to make continously drying batches of material or continous material conveyed by steel mesh conveying belt, which the heating media is by electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating.
Application Range
       This machine is widely applied in metallurgy, building material, ceramics, organic fertilizer, chemical industry etc.
       Mesh type drying machine is a good equipment for drying food and vegetable. The dryed material is conveyed by steel mesh conveying belt, which is very suitable for line production. Because the conveying belt is mesh type, it is very suitable for drying better breathable materials(sheet, strip and particle materials). The filter cake paste-like materialsuch as? coal, all kinds of mineral powder molding pieces, food and vegetables etc) can be dryed after mould by the pelletizer or banded extruder.?? The machine can be apllied with other machine and can also be applied alone.

       1The breathable performance of the mesh belt is good, the drying time can be adjusted.

       2The drying area is larger, the drying intensity is larger.
       3The double wind circulation structure, heat evenly. There is no partial dry phenomenon.
       4It is divided into several units, each unit can be separately controlled the loop.
       5Stable and reliable running, convenient operation, simple maintenance. Easy installation.
       6Small investment, quick drying, high evaporation intensity.

       7It is standardized production. According to the production, the section can be added.
       8It is convenient to adjust the drying parameters, such as the volume of hot air, heating temperature, drying time, etc. It is large elasticity of operation with widely application.

       9The hot air can be recycled , balanced temperature, high energy saving.

       10The equipment is stablely running and the material is not easy to damage.

       11The heat source selection can be diversity, such as the electric , heat conduction oil , hot air, etc.

Technical Parameter Chart
4The vertical type drying machine
The vertical type drying machine application show
The vertical type drying machine application show
The vertical type drying machine application show
Working Principle
       The hot air from the hot blast air furnace(or other hot supply) is sent to the circulating air duct by air fan for drying the material. The mouled material is transferred to the top of the furnace by belt or elevator and is distributed to all the surface in the top of the furnace by distribution device. The material is moved downwards by the gravity and made heat exchange with the strong wind. The steam from the material is taken away by the strong wind. The material can be fully dryed about two hours.
       1High heat efficiency: the furnace is composed of the preheating section, heating section, cooling section. The pellets are heated directly by the low temperature hot air in the heating section and make good use of the surplus heating to preheat the furnace top It is energy saving 20-30% for drying the same material.
       2 Convenient operation, simple maintenance. There is no mechanical moving parts in the furnace body, it dose not need daily maintenance. It is better than traditional drying equipment.
       3 The capacity of discharging material can be controlled: Keep the working time of the vibrating motor and the capacity of discharging material in a certain proportion relationship. The capacity of discharging material can be controlled by adjsuting the working time of the vibrating motor.
       4 The screening and discharging the material simultaneously: there is screening device in the position of the discharging device, the pellets and part of powder after drying in the process of downward can be screeninged for completing the pellet and powder separation without another screening equipment. It can save cost with compact structure.
       5 Good dust removal effect: there are presetting dust removal pipes in the feeding position and the discharging position. After connected with the dust removal equipment on site, it can effectively avoid smoke leaked.
       6Economic feature: compared with the current general turnover type drying furnace, the investment can be reduce50%, the area is its 20%- 33%. The energy consumption and operation cost are greatly reduced.
       7Application feature: this product is well-adapted to other equipment, which is easy connection with other equipment to realize automatic, continuous operation, high efficiency with big production capacity.
Technical Parameter Chart

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