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    Product-Hot-blast Air and Drying System-Positive Pressure Hot Blast Air Furnace


 Positive Pressure Hot Blast Air Furnace
       The positive pressure hot blast furnace is one kind of hot blast air furnace. It is positive combustion in the chamber with positive pressure forcibly input the air, replacing the old input air method of negative pressure suction air type, to improve the heat exchange efficient. It is mainly applied in reheating the hot air for denitrating the flue gas of the bolier and reheating the hot air for drying in the Power plant.


       1The tight sealing is to prevent the high temperature flue gas lealing from the furnace.
       2The fuel can be the blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, converter gas, mixed gas, natural gas, petroleum liquid gas, diesel oil, heavy oil etc.
       3The temperature control of the output hot air is accurate and the temperature difference is within 5.
       4As the target of controlling the point temperature, automatic adjust the supply of the fuel and air. It is convenient for operation.
       5Non-standardized design. It is the strong direction and can better meet user's requirements.
       6There is a wide range of temperature control of the output hot air. It is applicable for drying need in different industries.
       7The purified hot air with constant temperature and constant pressure can be provided continuously.
       8Full-automatic operation, apply the imported electrical components, high operational reliability and accuracy. It can be network control with the industry configuration.
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