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    Product-Hot-blast Air and Drying System
Hot-blast Air Circulating System

It is composed of hot blast air furnace, burning device, air preheater, air fan, gas pipeline, gas pipeline for ignition, combustion-supporting air pipes, air inlet pipes, air return-back pipes and exhaust pipes, valves, expansion joint etc and electrical /control system.

Oil-gas Dual-use Hot Blast Air Furnace

The hot blast air furnace is the heating energy conversion equipment which heats the low temperature air to the high temperature air in a certan value by utilizing the chemical energy released from fuel combustion in the furnace. The fuel can be the blast furnace gas, coke oven gas, converter gas, mixed gas, generator gas, calcium carbide furnace gas, natural gas, petroleum liquid gas, diesel oil, heavy oil, pulverized coal and organic garbage. There are also other heating energy (such as the electrical energy and waste heat) to heat the air.

Pulverized Coal Hot Blast Air Furnace
The pulverized coal hot blast air furnace is to burn the pulverized coal to generate the hot flue gas for utilization. It is specially
suitable for the area with low price of the pulverized coal, reducing the cost .
Indirect Type Hot Blast Air Furnace

The high temperature indirect type hot blast air furnace is to heat the clean air by heating exchange from the hot flue gas generated from the combustion, mainly applied in drying the dryed material which not permitted to pollution or the heat sensitive material which low temperature of hot air is required, such as ood, pharmaceutical, fine chemical industry, etc.

Positive Pressure Hot Blast Air Furnace

The positive pressure hot blast furnace is one kind of hot blast air furnace. It is positive combustion in the chamber with positive pressure forcibly input the air, replacing the old input air method of negative pressure suction air type, to improve the heat exchange efficient. It is mainly applied in reheating the hot air for denitrating the flue gas of the bolier and reheating the hot air for drying in the Power plant.

Heating Treatment Furnace

Heat treatment is one kind of metal processing technology, placed the metal material in a certain medium to heaitng, holding and cooling, controlled the performance by changing the surface or the inner metallographic structure of the metal material. And the heat treatment furnace is a kind of metal heating treatment furnace for heating treatment the workpieces, which the temperature is lower than heating furnace.

Drying Machine
The drying machine is by heating the material to make the moisture (generally refers to water or other volatile liquid ingredients) evaporation and volatilization, to get the solid material with required moisture content.

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