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    Product-Pulverized Coal Boiler and Combustion System-Pulverized Coal Heating Supply System

Pulverized coal boiler Installation show in Xiaoyi, Shanxi

Pulverized coal heating supply system application show in Wuqing, Tianjin


       The industrial pulverized coal boiler system is composed of thirteen pieces of integrated equipment units (stations), i.e.: pulverized col production unit, pulverized coal storage and supply unit, burner unit, boiler body unit, denitration unit, dust removal unit, desulfation unit, thermal unit, ignition oil and gas station, inert gas protection station, compressed air station, flying ash collection/storage unit and monitoring unit.

 Process Flow

       The qualified pulverized coal from pulverized coal production unit is sent to the pulverized coal tower by the pneumatic conveying (sealed powder tank car). The pulverized coal in the tower is sent to the measuring pocket on-demand, then it is sent into the pulverized coal burner by the feeder and wind/powder mixing pipe. The pulverized coal is burning in the chamber of boiler. The high temperature flue gas is from the burning of pulverized coal. The flue gas will be sent into bag-type dust collector after completing the radiation and heat convection and the denitration unit. The clean flue gas from the dust collector is sent to the desulfurization unit by fan, and the clean flue gas is discharged into the atmosphere when meeting the requirements of the state environmental protection. The flying ash collected from dust collector is discharged sealed and condcut centralized processing. The operation of the boiler system is realized by the ignition program controller and upper computer monitoring system together.

 Technical Feature

1Save pace, concentrated supply pulverized coal
       The pulverized coal is unified distributed from concentrated grinding milling factory


2Without smoke and without dust, environmental friendly
       The boiler system can realize the closed operation, automatic feed the coal, Concentratedly discharge the ash , no dust emission outside. The flue gas is processed through the bag-type filter, realizing clean emission. The whole system can be realized" coal, smoke and ash are both cannot be seen";


3The high degree of automation, the simple operation
       The one-click startup can be realized in the boiler system, start and stop quickly. With the function of fully automatic monitor and adjust the operation parameters , the technological change of "mouse instead of coal shovel" is realzied by the system

4Energy-saving and efficient, clean and environmental protection
       The thermal efficiency is high in the pulverized coal fired boiler system with remarkable coal-saving than traditional coal-fired boiler 20% 30%. The low temperature air gradation combustion technology is applied in the pulverized coal burner. The temperature is distributed uniformly in the boiler, avoiding high temperature in some area, low NOx emissions. The Nox is discharged little

5The high cost performance
       Low operating cost. The investment can be be recouped quickly by coal-saving.

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