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    Product-Solid Powder Adhesive Reduction Reuse Project
Project Introduction
With the increasingly serious environmental pollution and resources shortage, energy conservation and environmental protection and recycling industry is becoming the focus of attention in the enterprises. The more and more raw material and auxiliary materials is applied in the non-ferrous smelting, steel/iron, iron alloy, aluminum oxide, calcium carbide, coal coking, phosphating, refractories and other industries need to be crushed before application. The powder cannot be used as normal finished product and other solid waste powder produced by various industries is increasing quickly.
Process Equipment

The process equipment is composed of ball press machine, intensive mixer, drying machine, double helix mixer, crusher, vibrating screen, dust-collector, belt conveyor.


 Based on the "solid powder adhesive reduction reuse technology project" research, JS series binder is made from the latest materials and technology, is a mixture of organic and inorganic chemicals.


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